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In an effort to stream line athletic paperwork, Coppell ISD is offering online forms. At the beginning of each school year, it is mandatory that all student-athletes fill out the appropriate UIL and Coppell ISD paperwork before they will be allowed to practice or tryout.

The UIL released a new Pre-Participation Physical form effective in 2017.  This MEDICAL HISTORY FORM must be completed annually by parent (or guardian) and student in order for the student to participate in athletic activities.  It must be turned into their sport’s coach on their campus before the first practice or tryout.  This piece of paper must be signed by the physician, parent, and student-athlete.

Please visit to complete the following forms:

  • UIL Acknowledgement of Rules

  • Emergency Information Form

  • UIL Cardiac Awareness Form

  • UIL Concussion Form

  • UIL Steroid Form

  • CISD Athletic Handbook

  • ECG Consent Form

  • HS Extracurricular Pledge

IMPORTANT: The actual hard copy of the Pre-Participation Physical must still be turned in to the coach before practice/tryouts. It must be signed by the 1) physician 2) parent/guardian 3) student-athlete.

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