Who are the Coppell Stars?

 The Coppell Stars Wrestling Club is an organization led by the coaches of Coppell High School and members of the community.  As a result of the enormous success they’ve experienced due to wrestling both on and off the mat, the Coppell Stars organization was developed to teach children and young adults the success principles that wrestling teaches and to give back to the sport that has given so much to them.

 The foundation upon which our coaching decisions are made and the principles we teach is a based on a strong belief in success through hard work.  We will not and do not discriminate based on race, religion, economic background, gender, or ethnicity; and are open to all children and young adults that wish to join our family. 

What is the mission of the Coppell Stars?

 The Coppell Cowboys mission is to use wrestling as a means to teach life skills to its family members and guide them to make better choices.  We are an organization that eliminates the word “win” and substitutes it with “success”.  We care not so much about whether or not our members win, but rather, if they learn how to be successful on the mat and in their lives.

 We have no expectations of our family members other then teaching them to have high expectations for themselves.  We foster this by good old-fashioned hard work, discipline, commitment, perseverance, and character development.

What are the goals of the Coppell Stars?
The goals of the Coppell Stars coaching staff is as follows:
1:  To teach the children and young adults world class wrestling skills in the Folkstyle, Freestyle and

Greco Roman wrestling disciplines.
2: To use wrestling as a means to develop strong leadership characteristics in children and young adults.
3: To give our members the skills, tools and access to achieve their highest level of wrestling and or personal goals.

Youth Programs

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